Saturday, 16 September 2017

The central bank tightened money stock market or to change

ring oenix Financial (finance_ifeng) integrated property market reference (house0929),
Qi Junjie (qijunjie82),
360doc library reported that Friday afternoon,
the central bank announced the April financial data.
This group of data unexpectedly means monetary policy turn.
M2 growth of only 12.
the former value of 13.
social financing scale of 751 billion yuan,
1 trillion and 300 billion yuan is expected,
the former value of 2 trillion and 336 billion yuan.
the new RMB loans 555 billion 600 million yuan,
is expected to 800 billion yuan,
the former value of 1 trillion and 370 billion yuan.
Among them,
the M2 growth rate fell below 13%,
only 12.
8% growth rate,
the first time in 9 months so slow down.
This may show a change in central monetary policy.
What does it mean to fall below 13%? Means the monetary growth back to crash rescue (before July 2015).
At the same time,
only 555 billion 600 million of new loans,
and 800 billion of the market forecast is far from,
new social financing is o

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