Saturday, 16 September 2017

Letter for TA, mum, let's start from the beginning

ring rsity that year,
you abide by the promise,
all the way back.
You havent changed a bit,
still so beautiful,
so graceful,
but the body more plump,
wearing a gorgeous dress,
a delicate makeup,
like those TV city woman is the dear mother: This is twenty years,
we have been together from many,
only a few days together mother and daughter,
feelings have been tepid in the eyes of outsiders,
we are more like distant relatives.
Whenever you want to talk to me all these years of vicissitudes and twists and turns,
helpless and hopeless,
I always try to change the subject,
but I dont want to hear,
but even after listening to forgive you when mercilessly desertion,
away from the truth.
I remember when I was 5 years old,
a hot noon,
I clamoring to eat popsicles,
you change your clothes is go to the street to buy me,
the result is gone for ever.
That year,
my father sold all the valuable things in the family to find you.
As soon as he heard about your news,
he would take me to the city immediately.
I thought

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