Saturday, 16 September 2017

Don't mistake the platform as your ability

ring  enters the river whale friend circle,
some people like to bask in the connections,
this net red I know,
those big coffee,
I have the contact way I and so and so have eaten the rice.
The reason is because of the work relationship,
met some big coffee.
Big business people seem to feel vulnerable to their own aura.
Go out to talk about cooperation,
others listen to you is XX company,
must take good care of a benign countenance.
Because the platform is good,
work to meet the network quality,
long time,
will unconsciously breed a little extra self-confidence.
To put it bluntly,
the platform is to bring dividends,
mistakes as their own ability.
I learned the news dissemination background,
know a lot of work in the media of the girl,
some people run hundreds of interviews,
interview the founder of ah,
ah CEO,
vice president of ah,
these are inevitable.
The circle of friends,
often with a few words similar to the full harvest sentiment.
CEO please eat a meal,
a girl sitting in the car th

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