Saturday, 16 September 2017

Ampquot Ampquot is the producer response to kneel owed bainiaozhaofeng row piece up then.

ring ,
bainiaozhaofeng producer Fang live video,
the film tells the story behind the bitterness,
and called for the theater to support the film,
increase the discharge sheet for the.
When it comes to the emotional place,
Fang Li even kneel on the scene facing the kowtow,
as long as you can row us a gold court this weekend,
I am willing to kneel to you.
All my friends,
as long as the bainiaozhaofeng helped a little busy,
I love you,
I am willing to do what.
Fang this stunt quickly caused a lively discussion of the public,
many movie circles have expressed support for bainiaozhaofeng,
called for increased theater row piece.
From todays film,
cinema managers seem to have is really said,
in the first day of the row piece rate is only about 2% of cases,
this weekend bainiaozhaofeng the row piece rate suddenly rushed to the 3.
many theaters have announced to join the ranks of support hundred bird chaofong the.
Bainiaozhaofeng yesterday (May 13th) the single day box office 1 million

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