Saturday, 16 September 2017

The central bank tightened money stock market or to change

ring oenix Financial (finance_ifeng) integrated property market reference (house0929),
Qi Junjie (qijunjie82),
360doc library reported that Friday afternoon,
the central bank announced the April financial data.
This group of data unexpectedly means monetary policy turn.
M2 growth of only 12.
the former value of 13.
social financing scale of 751 billion yuan,
1 trillion and 300 billion yuan is expected,
the former value of 2 trillion and 336 billion yuan.
the new RMB loans 555 billion 600 million yuan,
is expected to 800 billion yuan,
the former value of 1 trillion and 370 billion yuan.
Among them,
the M2 growth rate fell below 13%,
only 12.
8% growth rate,
the first time in 9 months so slow down.
This may show a change in central monetary policy.
What does it mean to fall below 13%? Means the monetary growth back to crash rescue (before July 2015).
At the same time,
only 555 billion 600 million of new loans,
and 800 billion of the market forecast is far from,
new social financing is o

They say Chinese men are too many. Why do you have all the leftover women around you?

ring he arrow up arrow above the reading,
pay attention to me,
I said [reading] top Jun Chinese,
but affected by the traditional concept of patriarchal ideology has profound influence.
This does not,
there is news that the bride price in recent years in rural areas of Hebei,
from less than five years ago to one hundred thousand now risen to one hundred and fifty thousand or even higher.
Bride price increase,
more and more bachelor village began to appear.
Extremely high betrothal gifts and bachelor village behind,
is a very difficult reality: Chinese serious gender imbalance,
marriageable men more than the female population of tens of millions.
Lets not say why there is such a sex ratio imbalance,
lets talk about the leftover men and women around us.
I do not know whether readers found that although the serious imbalance in the proportion of men and women,
but the woman is still in good condition around doing the gold saints? Here,
through this video,
for everyone to announce the answer.
Said Chine

Ampquot Ampquot is the producer response to kneel owed bainiaozhaofeng row piece up then.

ring ,
bainiaozhaofeng producer Fang live video,
the film tells the story behind the bitterness,
and called for the theater to support the film,
increase the discharge sheet for the.
When it comes to the emotional place,
Fang Li even kneel on the scene facing the kowtow,
as long as you can row us a gold court this weekend,
I am willing to kneel to you.
All my friends,
as long as the bainiaozhaofeng helped a little busy,
I love you,
I am willing to do what.
Fang this stunt quickly caused a lively discussion of the public,
many movie circles have expressed support for bainiaozhaofeng,
called for increased theater row piece.
From todays film,
cinema managers seem to have is really said,
in the first day of the row piece rate is only about 2% of cases,
this weekend bainiaozhaofeng the row piece rate suddenly rushed to the 3.
many theaters have announced to join the ranks of support hundred bird chaofong the.
Bainiaozhaofeng yesterday (May 13th) the single day box office 1 million

Have a Green Tea bitch is a kind of experience

ring China travel micro journal attention travel Raiders click the title below to share the story of blue attention to travel around the world than handsome than they good evening entertainment this weekend,
do not pigeon holing from didi rabbit micro signal: vipddt I didi rabbit,
a Jimei talent appearance in a female rabbit original comic,
please indicate the source do you have a night - interaction - like a bitch Green Tea girl?

Letter for TA, mum, let's start from the beginning

ring rsity that year,
you abide by the promise,
all the way back.
You havent changed a bit,
still so beautiful,
so graceful,
but the body more plump,
wearing a gorgeous dress,
a delicate makeup,
like those TV city woman is the dear mother: This is twenty years,
we have been together from many,
only a few days together mother and daughter,
feelings have been tepid in the eyes of outsiders,
we are more like distant relatives.
Whenever you want to talk to me all these years of vicissitudes and twists and turns,
helpless and hopeless,
I always try to change the subject,
but I dont want to hear,
but even after listening to forgive you when mercilessly desertion,
away from the truth.
I remember when I was 5 years old,
a hot noon,
I clamoring to eat popsicles,
you change your clothes is go to the street to buy me,
the result is gone for ever.
That year,
my father sold all the valuable things in the family to find you.
As soon as he heard about your news,
he would take me to the city immediately.
I thought

Don't mistake the platform as your ability

ring  enters the river whale friend circle,
some people like to bask in the connections,
this net red I know,
those big coffee,
I have the contact way I and so and so have eaten the rice.
The reason is because of the work relationship,
met some big coffee.
Big business people seem to feel vulnerable to their own aura.
Go out to talk about cooperation,
others listen to you is XX company,
must take good care of a benign countenance.
Because the platform is good,
work to meet the network quality,
long time,
will unconsciously breed a little extra self-confidence.
To put it bluntly,
the platform is to bring dividends,
mistakes as their own ability.
I learned the news dissemination background,
know a lot of work in the media of the girl,
some people run hundreds of interviews,
interview the founder of ah,
ah CEO,
vice president of ah,
these are inevitable.
The circle of friends,
often with a few words similar to the full harvest sentiment.
CEO please eat a meal,
a girl sitting in the car th

The data, strong stocks follow the money for 5 consecutive days the net inflow of 7 shares

ring volved in the article only for industry sector analysis,
not stock trading on Securities Times) stock market data of new media statistics,
as of May 13th closing,
the Shanghai and Shenzhen two cities a total of 7 stocks for 5 consecutive days or more than 5 days of net capital inflows.
Precision forging technology for 10 consecutive days of net inflow of funds,
ranked first; ST Asia Pacific 8 consecutive net inflow of funds,
ranked second.
The percentage of turnover of net capital inflows,
ST Asia Pacific accounted for nearly 8 of shares topped the rankings,
the day down 27.
Continuous 5 or more funds net inflow of stocks,
a source: Securities Times Network