Sunday, 6 August 2017

Zhang Xinyu issued a document to explain the kiss door, but seconds delete this micro-blog more amazing

ring g,
do not install B,
MOE cheap chicken soup,
do in orange entertainment,
WeChat public number juziyule today,
this is the annual Cannes Film Festival,
thought the heat search will be a variety of red carpet stars.
Who knows,
from morning till night,
occupy hot search list is Zhang Xinyu.
On this heat,
presumably many people have seen that three men and a womans video.
After reading,
one of the netizens said: obviously,
Im going to wash my hair.
The uniform into this style is obviously down to create a professional actor like video,
a direct hit back.
of course,
from the morning video came out,
a lot of people want to listen to Zhang Xinyu is how to explain,
but Zhang Xinyu that has not happened,
until nine p.
I sent a text to Zhang Xinyu clear this thing.
About each point in the video,
Zhang Xinyu has made a particularly detailed explanation,
lets watch it one by one! First of all,
she introduced the days dinner,
someones birthday,
we play special hi! I have denounced t

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