Sunday, 13 August 2017

When Cyrano starred in the French version of house of cards to do a scheming old boy easy to do

ring E ten,
it is time to wipe off the prejudice against French TV drama! Before the TV series,
you can ask the French to recommend some of their countrys TV shows,
say about 2-3,
and the rest of them are American dramas.
Its all American drama.
The white earth is so blind that there are so many folk stories that can send gold eight points.
And finally,
this year,
with the support and support of Netflix,
the French launched its own political drama,
the French television set the first episode,
which attracted more than 5 million people to watch the law on time.
In the social network is set off a discussion frenzy,
a time to become ratings and saliva Qi Biao TV drama Icon.
The core of the series,
known as the French version of the house of cards,
is still ruthless politicians.
See how they used to climb the peak of power perpendicular and horizontal.
With the original house of cards is climbing on the peak President,
the French power peak looks a lot shorter,

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