Saturday, 12 August 2017

The picture of the child outside the door made everyone feel bad

ring WeChat public number Shangqiu teachers group exposed a photo,
so that all the people who saw this picture were silent.
In the picture,
a little girl standing pitifully in a classroom door,
as if what is wrong with hand to pull the door,
behind a plastic stool.
This is a high school in Henan,
a patrol teacher saw the scene when the patrol,
the little girls mother is in the classroom.
The teacher saw the inspection,
the original girl on the stool,
suddenly stood up from the bench,
with a pair of watery eyes frightened,
the right hand is not natural to pull the door,
his thought made a big mistake,
a poor appearance at a loss.
At that time,
the patrol teacher did not know,
who thought the children in the corridor to play,
will be sent in the school WeChat group,
looking for the childs parents.
Later learned that the child has been fever,
the morning after the needle,
fever has not receded.
And in the afternoon,
the mother of the child has three classes.
The sick child pestered his mo

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