Sunday, 6 August 2017

I'm a legend alive. I'm Zlatan

ring r column,
is a group of sister paper gathered together che (Xia) place,
meet you every day.
If you think youre Wu,
please let us know through Apps [submission feedback].
Im Zlatan.
Who are you? No,
my world cup is not worth seeing.
youre talking to God now.
of course,
I came as king and left in the name of legend.
Of course,
there are such translations,
these classical words are also reflected in the image of Ibrahimovic in my mind,
and thus conquered.
That today we have to look at Fengxian,
Zlatan - Ibrhimovic (in front of multi ~ ~ in WiFi,
recommended viewing environment) I believe that the charm of Ibrahimovic not only from his superb skills,
but also because of his true feeling.
His personality charm not only attracted many sisters,
many men also appreciate his personality.
In football,
Ibrahimovic be like a lion.
This season is the highest scorer in France,
Paris early defending champions of france.
On the pitch,
because of his presence,
leaving a lot of wonderful moments ~ f

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