Sunday, 6 August 2017

Here comes the live shark. A live approach is a heavy bomb

ring w theres a catfish effect.
Said catfish into the fish tank,
originally crowded fish began to be catfish disturbance,
have demonstrated the survival instinct.
This is an eternal theme in the business world,
and weve all been familiar with the industry upgrades,
most of which are forced by the presence of one or two catfish.
Business and people,
are inert,
in many cases,
enterprises and practitioners to why things should be like that,
but remote from the subject.
It was not until we had an entry terminator that suddenly fell from the sky that we realized the commercial nature of this thing.
In the past two years,
the conversation of Miao Fu Wangs voice caught fire,
and they had a line that I thought was particularly impressive.
It said,
you think what you think is what you think? Too often,
we are dealing with the Internet with experience and imagination.
For example,
the fire now can no longer be broadcast live by fire.
I believe that 5 years after the broadcast industry,
looking back toda

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