Sunday, 6 August 2017

He ran to the mountain alone and made a pot of tea and beat a piece of iron

ring iron Li Gongbiao material road in Hangzhou,
a young man blacksmith.
Every morning,
he started a fire,
a pot of tea,
and then start the days work blacksmith.
Others feel that his life is boring,
he is silent,
dont do more to explain.
But in our ears the tediousness of the blacksmith sound,
he is happier than we.
Because he had only one iron in his mind.
a suburb of the mountain,
six in the morning,
the weather is cool.
At this point,
Li Gongbiao has begun his own work.
Neatly open the sealed stove,
put a shovel coal into the fire,
to be gradually rising up.
He picked up a hammer to hammer a hammer smashed by strong red hot iron.
The red hot stove,
splash iron hammer sound,
bang bang,
is the iron mans day.
we often say they go to Li Gongbiao and ordinary people did not follow what is different,
if any,
probably before the blacksmith is doing farm implements,
and he did love tea.
In fact,
many years ago,
Li Gongbiao was still a mason.
following the teachers of the Academy

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