Sunday, 13 August 2017

Don't let a man carry a baby. Who knows if he will take the baby to pole dancing or skydiving?

ring  more and more dad now has the sense of responsibility,
a wave to clamor for children.
if a father is two,
she may regret having given her to her father.
British couple Matt Coyne and Lyns Coyne in September 26th last year gave birth to a baby,
mothers parental leave over to go back to work,
had to self comfort the child while very upset to the father to take care of.
My father patted his chest when he left,
and assured him that he would take the baby well.
when mother came back to check her post,
her heart was broken.
Mom: how are you doing now? Dad: we just came into the Wetherspoon bar and played for a while before lunch.
And the beer = the glass is bigger than the baby.
Perhaps mom was used to her fathers two act,
and she said,
I dont believe it.
Mom: ha ha Da,
where are you?.
Dad: Wetherspoon the bar is boring.
Lets see the pole dance.
During the day,
the dance was a bit crude,
but the wine was for 2 to 1 (and with a live picture),
mother: (a

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