Sunday, 13 August 2017

[buyer] welfare discount ~ Be There Or Be Square Village

ring illage buyers all love to go ~ but the biggest worry is.
Buy too much to carry back! No matter is the sister or handsome pot,
think back and forth to squeeze RER dragging suitcases that tired,
do buyers is also a bitter tears ah ~ now,
transit speed will 2-4 times a week time point,
in Frances largest discount village Val dEurope launched the timing point of the goods,
mailing through-train service.
Dont worry about buying too much to carry ~ in the village to buy discount end sent directly to go,
one easily have to return to Paris brush a delicious,
treat yourself to the French postal mail: Colissimo valuation methods: the current price list of European +5 service charge (including packing supplies fee) Tel: 0783608533 WeChat customer service: quanshunsuyun delivery time: 2-4 times a week,
please pay attention to WeChat customer service,
will inform the pickup location in the group: Burberry Ba Baoli store opposite the outlet.
For the subsequent pickup location,
please pay attenti

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