Wednesday, 5 July 2017

Women 30 production, life or baby?

more and more female identity duty,
at the age of 30 and became a hurdle in life or watershed.
Has completely ended the girlhood,
not completely into the mature age,
how to choose? It seems that it is more like the college entrance examination,
which is even more severe than life test.
By classic three pm spring day,
stay in Beijing a cafe in the window,
the sun from the upper left slanted.
Very warm.
There was a group of women chatting.
I just want to do the job right now,
then go abroad and read a MBA,
then go back to China for a few years in the investment bank,
and finally open a coffee shop like this,
one of them said,
glowing in his eyes and delivering his dream manifesto.
The declaration of an uproar among friends,
this life who does not envy? About a minute later,
there was a w

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