Thursday, 6 July 2017

Who says Chinese traditional art can't be creative?

edpanda/ the | | shop owners,
please reply to the shop owner issued the authorized embroidery is the traditional crafts of our ancestors left us has a history of two thousand or three thousand years.
From the Warring States period to the modern man-made fibres,
although the materials and forms of creation changed.
But most people do not seem to have much interest or knowledge about the creative art of embroidery,
and they feel that they are not exquisite and beautiful! However,
there are still some artists who combine this ancient art with creativity.
But a lot of them are foreign friends.
Go with the owner and see what the embroidery will do! Hiroko Kubota is the son of Japanese mother's white shirt embroidered on the pocket cat so this is a 92 year old grandmother hand embroidery embro

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