Wednesday, 5 July 2017

Tourists picked up a stone, expert identification value of 88 million

recently heard an explosion of news,
one of the tourists to travel to Yunnan on the border between China and Myanmar,
Wanding border near the Sino Myanmar friendship bridge has not picked up a stone! After experts this is piece of jade stone,
produced in Burma,
weighing 2.
5 kilograms.
If processed into jewelry,
at least 2 pairs of bracelets can be made.
Experts say the stone is conservatively valued at 88 million! (don't stop me,
Xiaobian to resign to pick up the stone _ pi pi.
) stone is not fun to see? The real eye opener is the following five expensive jade! Come and have a look! The history of the most expensive 5 pieces of jade,
crystal clear jade,
whether it is collectors or investors,
from ancient times to its love.
In recent years,
due to the scarcity of resources,
collection a

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