Wednesday, 5 July 2017

This year the most popular 4 kinds of wear do not know OUT

iries ~ ~ ~ ~ to Liwo little sister again give me a storm Hold love!!! To stealing money in the summer.
The vortex sister today to introduce several popular elements of mud adorable ~ neither pick people and beautiful - wide leg - either show or series of street are there is a sense of anger brush wide leg pants,
wide leg pants this summer is still great in strength and impetus the biggest advantage is: don't pick shape! Perfect body proportion,
and still hides meat! This will be the 2016 most popular fashion item,
absolutely right ~ spicy?! How should the broad leg pants be matched and chosen? The seven / seven points wide leg pants baggy pants is gold length,
basically every body can control the length of exposed ~ slender leg and ankle,
pedal a pair of high heels,
perfect vision increa

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