Wednesday, 5 July 2017

This time I'll never see you again. Xue Xiaolu read the 1053rd verse for you

ted - figure for the American painting master Edward Hope (1882-1967) works,
Edward Hope is famous for depicting lonely American contemporary life and scenery.
pictures in the blue sky under the extended forward,
converge on one point,
the whole car were scattered in the air and messy weeds.
May you have strong light tunnel bridge May you be safe throughout the journey.
listen (click on the audio or video,
you can listen to the moment the train started) author: de klenovski [Russia] as you read poetry: the moment Xue Xiaolu | director train,
or if in the waiting hall,
feel what words did not say.
But there was no time to correct.
I can't escape the train to the distance,
it just in time to start,
seize the time at this time to say goodbye,

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