Monday, 3 July 2017

The greatest failure of a man is not that no woman likes him, but that he is the greatest failure of all

eatest failure is not that no woman likes him,
but that he who likes him feels like he was blind.
A man who makes a woman disappointed is always the worst.
Look at the numbers below.
It will help you know what to do,
what to say,
how to do it,
and how to say it! 1.
please press two-dimensional code,
and then select identify two-dimensional code,
a key concern 2.
according to the micro signal replication,
in add friends paste search can also be concerned about.
Know a little about intelligence quotient: ddqszhx introduction: learning depends on IQ,
workplace depends on Eq.
Focus on EQ,
intelligence enhancement,
help you tap your potential,
improve EQ management ability,
and create EQ master.
80% of success in life by improving EQ EQ dominate,
wisdom and achievements wonderful lif

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