Monday, 3 July 2017

Summer is here. What can I do without feeling dizzy all day?

r convenience store,
powder star convenience store Hey,
gir LS ~ everybody is good,
can buy,
not happy after May Day? 16 new products will be available this time! This time,
we have a wide range of new things! A liquid foundation,
Ou Tili Covermark of the grape water spray,
Holika live silkworm pen,
a variety of sunscreen products and so on,
is not very hi Sen,
we don't love Oh right,
should be urged,
Edith house and Innisfree two automatic rotating double eyebrow pencil in the pink star convenience store in special offer! Go to stockpile ~ if you haven't visited pink star convenience store,
you can search the store pink star convenience store in the Taobao search,
or store number 1886945,
computer users in the browser input fxfx.
com can find us.
Korea HOLIKA double 1#

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