Monday, 3 July 2017

Shanghai people always have some new tricks for breakfast

member the memories of the kindergarten,
the morning when my father will send me to school,
on the way to buy me a youdunzi (a glutinous rice glutinous rice wrapped meat stuffing,
fried golden early in the pan).
May be because when his voice a little thin,
sticky chewing will have to swallow,
so my dad always secretly while not pay attention to spit in a roadside ditch,
and then open your mouth with my dad that I had finished,
and the speed is not slow.
But this was my dad thought I very love to eat glutinous rice youdunzi,
then a day earlier into the.
Some time ago to chat in a friend's home,
friends drink by twos and threes supermarket to buy beer and the company will send friends vodka,
a takeaway dumplings and Steamed Chicken with Chili Sauce,
really is no way to be more down to earth.

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