Thursday, 27 July 2017

Receive criticism based on long strategy

market is in the top position of good stocks opened higher,
rose significantly,
especially small record once again rose significantly,
the popularity of the market incentive opinion,
before both black door and March,
May will be a new start turning signal,
recommendations based on strategies for the bulls.
the stock index daily MACD green column shortening,
the overall zero axis along the long and short still need to be confirmed in 2950 as the central warehouse,
short-term flow; 15-30 minutes MACD two degrees turn red,
break down the line reversed since 3097,
Wednesday is expected around three thousand mark after the game,
the first breakthrough is expected to step back and stand.
Tomorrow point,
file 3020,
file 2980 points,
3055 points for the central axis line still.

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