Wednesday, 5 July 2017

One man's fight is what you cannot see, joy and sorrow

people are not gradually learning how to live in the process,
but suddenly understand how to live.
A man's fight,
is you can not see the joy and sorrow of the remnants of snow,
once asked,
a person in Beijing for so many years,
how is it?.
Then I thought,
step by step,
no hesitation,
no radical,
so come over.
just started when a person's life,
I can't even cut a green pepper,
fried steak do now except curry,
will do complicated soufflee and butter cookies in the oven at the weekend.
Even from home electricity card,
do not know how to use the people in several power cut night,
gradually learned to use Alipay to pay utilities.
Vegetables from the market can not distinguish between names,
and now,
according to different vegetables,
choose different cooking methods.
I used to be a sp

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