Monday, 3 July 2017

may day saw angry fans brushing the tripod.
Never expected,
camouflage as a broadcast more than half a year's TV series,
and now can also set off the protagonist of the quarrel.
The thing is,
in April 28th,
the tripod Awards announced the nomination list.
Controversial is the Chinese hundred TV actor shortlist: Hu Ge with Langya,
Wang Kai with camouflage finalists.
Hu Ge fans are unhappy.
The point of controversy is that the man in disguise should be Hu Ge,
right? The official poster: if the second series by Hu Ge has Nirvana in Fire finalists,
not occupy two places at the same time,
then according to the character list extended down,
it should be nominated? Hu Ge fans are very angry,
brush up this topic: please # Huading award Hu Ge a fair # look up lead,
emphasize some ah.

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