Thursday, 6 July 2017

Looking for the world's most amazing colors

r old woman from Romania cloth photographer Mihaela Noroc,
quit high paying jobs,
with savings to bring the camera poor tour of the world.
In 2014,
her breath traveled to 37 countries,
from the most primitive to the most advanced country city,
filmed in different countries and different cultures of the beautiful woman,
which named The Atlas Of Beauty,
to show the variety of beautiful women in the world.
She believes that beauty has nothing to do with make-up,
or social status,
but only to human beings.
Although many things make our standards of beauty simple,
in fact,
each person is beautiful because of his own uniqueness.
She told us with a photo,
the most beautiful face is not red net,
not cosmetic face,
not the face but not makeup,
hyaluronic acid,
the most pure beau

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