Wednesday, 5 July 2017

I chatted with a few immigrants that they stunned the American culture

when I first came to the United States,
one Christmas,
I looked at my sister from the fridge to find a cylindrical object,
open from the inside out a few tablespoons of white sticky pulp thick in the pan.
A few minutes later,
the steaming bread rolls baked.
Is this a tin of bread? I asked her.
this group of Americans laughed - this I called the canned bread what Americans call them Pillsbury dough (Pillsbury dough.
the famous baking brand in america.
I grew up in Australia,
and here is quite similar,
but when I first set foot in the grocery store,
I was shocked.
In Australia,
and bread have only a few brands to choose from,
and milk usually contains only one ingredient (you know,
milk itself).
Our cheese is not that bright fluorescent orange,
and bread,

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