Thursday, 6 July 2017

Eat less, after all, it's not love

of green can listen to audio - - - anchor quiet reading paper | spend a lot of money as everyone knows,
I am a special favorite person.
And appetite is big,
every time to eat hot pot is always the last one to put chopsticks player.
The peak period,
can eat eight meals every day,
every sea bowl,
at that time everyone didn't call me to spend a lot of money,
call me eat a bowl of.
Once a met friend offered me a fortune teller,
I laugh in the heart after the contempt,
people see my birthday that the first sentence is you hit with love,
I almost knelt down on the spot.
Here there is like you how not to eat so much fat ah? Oh,
how do you know I'm not fat? I've been without weight for two years,
and as many as 100,
you'd better not ask,
hurt your feelings.
And I also have the unfortu

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