Thursday, 27 July 2017

[college entrance examination help daily broadcast Q & A] comprehensive sprint skills

e entrance examination for entrance to help answer [Sunday Sunday broadcast live Q & A] from the entrance there for more than 30 days,
at this time many students knowledge of the problem has come to an end,
more students are concerned with the methods of skills,
many students asked to review the method at the final stage of exam sprint in this paper,
only Kang Tian teacher targeted answer the common questions of the students.
The following is a summary of the promised situation,
we hope to learn biological help.
1 comprehensive sprint method question 1: I think brush problem is not very important,
reading is king.
What book Aechi Kang Tian teacher: are important,
according to each situation.
Some children are empty,
have a solid knowledge,
can not apply their knowledge.
Some children who a

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