Wednesday, 26 July 2017

Bedtime stories: the best way to love someone

in the most important years,
the investment is a man,
then after a few decades,
you will continue to beg this man,
do not leave you.
If you invest in yourself,
then you will reap the real love that belongs to you.
Love is a material based luxury and spiritual enjoyment.
Look for a word: only when you are in the best position can a good man love you.
A woman,
married or single,
has money,
a house,
a car that gives her a sense of security.
In the long run,
a woman's sense of security is always a sense of self fulfillment,
a value to others and society,
and who she is,
what she can do,
and what life means.
More and more women are desperate to make money,
and perhaps this society has less and less security for women.
I used to feel that the sense of security was a promise,
a hand that was hol

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