Wednesday, 26 July 2017

A scapegoat for time

e / Hui girl is innocent,
time is very calm,
it is equally,
it quietly flowing on the TV broadcast a news: a more than 50 year old man,
parents ill for many years,
but he stopped raising,
also claimed that no longer bear the medical expenses.
After the disclosure of the matter,
the community has condemned it.
The reporter went to interview,
this man was fierce resistance,
but when a reporter asked,
why don't you support my parents,
beyond all expectations,
the man suddenly sat down on the ground,
snivel to wail up.
I've been holding on for ten years.
I can't afford this disease.
I don't have a head.
Do I have to pay for it all my life? No long bedside dutiful son! You are talking,
who can last longer than I? No one will come to compare the length of time with him,
for he has over

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