Monday, 3 July 2017

1 billion 100 million how bad is 500 million diabetes?

threat escalation,
a rapidly growing diabetic power,
is suffering from diabetes.
Although the Internet is filled with special recipe to cure diabetes,
great distress or WHO again: with this disease once diagnosed,
to manage diabetes.
diabetes can not be cured completely.
2016 World Health Day,
WHO published an article in the official website said.
Diabetes is a worldwide problem.
In April 7,
the annual World Health Day,
WHO set this year's theme as defeating diabetes.
This is the World Health Day,
the first time in 66 years to establish diabetes as the theme,
indicating the international community's high concern about the disease.
As a rapidly rising diabetic power,
China is suffering from diabetes.
Explosive growth of diabetes patients,
110 million,

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