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Dream big Kicking Your Own Ass

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Beautiful eye makeup Make Up Inspiration

Beautiful eye makeup Make Up Inspiration Beautiful #eye #makeup # #Make #Up #Inspiration # #Pinterest

photo bombing pigeon Photo Bombs

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Classic Horse Photobomb

Classic Horse Photobomb Classic #Horse #Photobomb

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Pin by Andrea Husmann on Photo Bombs

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Surgery Bob and Surgery Steve surgery to watch

Surgery Bob and Surgery Steve surgery to watch Pinterest Surgery #Bob #and #Surgery #Steve # #surgery #to #watch # #Pinterest

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moving on is a marathon

moving on is a marathon

She climbs a steep hill bracketed by thick woods that double as an Army training range.

Hours pass, and the ache in her legs builds. A cold morning rain soaks her shirt. Around Mile 14, she turns onto a narrow running trail. The nervous energy that buzzes in her head starts to fade.

walking, she tells him. am running as fast as I can, and you are always walking. It makes me feel bad. man she is seeing has been dead nearly three years. He is her husband, Capt. John L. Hallett III, who was killed in August 2009 in Afghanistan when insurgents exploded a bomb underneath his armored vehicle. In those first days, she wondered if she ever sleep again. She spent much of the first year clinging to the irrational hope that he might return.

Now the war that claimed John life is increasingly an afterthought, and Lisa, 31, is one of thousands of widows from the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq trying to get on with their lives. Everyone seems to be moving on, including the other soldiers and spouses from John unit who have left for other bases and other assignments. Lisa, meanwhile, remains.

is the word she uses sometimes to describe her life. It is a life in which she is in constant motion, trying to get people to remember wars they rather forget and the soldiers who have died in them.

She sometimes wonders if she should be handling her loss better. Three other soldiers were killed in the blast that killed John. In the first months after he died, Lisa and another woman who was widowed in the same explosion often stayed up late exchanging messages on Facebook. They discussed what to do with their husbands clothes, whether to move away from LewisMcChord and when to take off their wedding rings.

will never find the right person if I leave this ring on my finger. But I can take it off, Lisa wrote. don want to live this life pining for a relationship that no longer exists. I don want to spend forever feeling sorry for myself. think you need to set a date for that ring to come off, her friend replied.

Today her friend is married and pregnant, and Lisa wonders why that kind of future seems so far away for her. She still wears her wedding ring, though on her right hand; her husband uniform is in a pile on her bedroom floor; and she writes in her journal in the form of a letter to John: hard sometimes seeing other people lives move forward when I still feel stuck, crippled by the anxiety of a life without you. a Saturday morning, she is rushing to get her children out of the door. Heidi, who is almost 3, won finish her cereal. Bryce, 4, can find his Tball shirt. Jackson, 6, is struggling to ram his feet into his baseball cleats.

No Newtown conspiracy

No Newtown conspiracy

NORWALK In the dark and shadowy world of Internet bloggers and conspiracy theorists, is a mystery man connected to last months school shooting in Newtown. But police say thats just not true.

Still, that hasnt stopped the postings and hasnt stopped Rodia from receiving death threats.

Sites like USAHitman, a conspiracy and alternative news site, say the black Honda confiscated at the scene of the Dec. 14 mass murders belonged to Rodia, based on a policemans call to dispatch on an audiotape posted by Radioman911TV.

On that tape, Rodias name can be heard shortly after a police officer calls in the license plate, 872YEO, as the possible suspect vehicle.

But while Rodia admits to runins with the law, including several pending larceny, forgery and narcotics cases, he says he wasnt anywhere near the school on the day of the shootings that left 26 dead, including 20 firstgraders.

That was such a heinous crime, I dont want to be connected to it in any way, Rodia said.

He says he was miles away in Greenwich, getting a warning for illegally parking in a fire zone.

I was with my niece driving my mothers sage green Nissan, the 43yearold Norwalk resident said.

Greenwich Detective remembers pulling Rodia over in that city around the time of the Newtown shootings. I do remember that, he said. I gave him a verbal warning.

While the school shooting is still an active case, spokesman Lt. said there was only one shooter: , 20, who took his own life at the scene.

We arent looking for anybody else for any other person, Vance said Wednesday, adding he has never heard of Rodia.

The car confiscated at the scene, the black Honda with that license plate, belongs to a relative of Lanzas and not to Rodia, he said.

But thats hasnt eased Rodias fears, the result of numerous death threats he has received due to the Internet postings.

A guy in one of the calls starts swearing at me, then says hell kill me and burn down my house while Im sleeping, he said.

Im a big boy and can take care of myself, he said, but added his 72yearold mother, Diane, is afraid to have her young grandchildren come to visit because of the threats.

We shouldnt have to be worrying about this, his mother said.

Norwalk police have been called, Rodia said.

We were there on Dec. 27 about a posting on YouTube, said Norwalk Police Lt. . A complaint was filed, but it didnt include concerns about any threats, he said, adding that particular post has been taken down.

Other postings, including those by USAHitman, and others like Godlike Productions, a site for conspiracy theorists as well as those interested in UFOs and the lunatic fringe, remain on the Internet.

The headline on one USAHitman posting reads: Adam Lanzas car registered to Christopher Rodia: The conspiracy begins.

That site is run by Jim, a New Jersey resident who declined to give his last name. He calls himself a blogger and said posting stories like the one about Rodia is his hobby.

He said he didnt verify the information he reposts from other sites to see if its accurate.

I have a fulltime job and dont have time to research the stories, he said. I like to post things I find interesting. I update the stories when more stuff comes out.

Thats the problem, said Norwalk police Lt. John. Some things are posted, but not verified.

However, Spitfire list, a website of blogs by antifascist researcher and radio personality , has updated its information concerning Rodia, saying he appears to be innocent and only coincidentally caught up in this event and not driving the possible suspect vehicle mentioned on the tape.

This is a reminder of why we must maintain the stance of really believing these individuals that get swept up in the posttragedy aftermath are innocent until proven guilty, especially early on when minimal info is available, according to a posting on that site. The guy Rodia didnt deserve this so if you meet him, buy him a beer assuming youre 21+.

As for Rodias pending criminal cases, he said theyre related to a problem he had with pain killers, the result of taking medication for an injury he sustained about a year ago.

MnDOT reminds drivers as construction begins

MnDOT reminds drivers as construction begins


The stubborn snow is melting, and that means construction season can commence in Minnesota. A decade ago, the Minnesota Department of Transportation introduced the zipper merge to encourage easy traffic flow in construction zones, but the term continues to baffle motorists.

Moving over right away seems like it would be an extension of Minnesota Nice, but MnDOT says it makes traffic worse. That why when a lane is closed in a construction zone, MnDOT instructs drivers to use both lanes of traffic until reaching the lane closure, then alternate cars like slats on a zipper into the open lane.

Traffic flows very smoothly when that happens, Ken Johnson, with MnDOT told FOX 9 News. You don have to constantly accelerate, constantly brake.

A survey conducted by MnDOT three years ago found more than 60 percent of those who discuss transportation on MnDOTsponsored online forums said they didn know the zipper merge was the gold standard cited in the latest Minnesota Driver Manual.

The issue lies in early merging. When drivers see a sign indicating a future lane closure, they quickly slow and move to the free lane. MnDOT says this sudden lane switch can cause backups and road rage.

MnDOT says benefits of employing the zipper merge include reduction in speed differences between lanes, reduction in traffic backup and reduction of freeway interchange congestion.

Merging late and taking turns as the zipper merge dictates means drivers won be frustrated by passing motorists who are already in the open lane drivers ultimately wind up going the same speed as they merge together fairly and seamlessly.

The Star Tribune says the zipper merge will be used:

On Highway 169 at the Bloomington Ferry Bridge

Between Crosstown and Highway 7

At Interstate 694 and Highway 55

Additionally, it will be used on Interstate 35 and Interstate 35E through Lakeville and Eagan as well as on Interstate 494 between Highway 100 and Cedar Avenue.

Thursday, 10 April 2014

The Star Online

The Star Online

FROM the moment I set eyes on him, I knew from every strand of hair on my head to the nails on my toes that we were meant to be.

His good looks captured my heart. His eyes twinkled with delight every time I touched him. My heart pounded whenever I was with him. I TMd waited so long and had finally found him.

Ahem . this is not one of those girl meets boy, falls in love and lives happily ever after stories. I am taking about my first love. Yeah, my first car, a Toyota Hilux double cab pickup.

The minute I saw it, I just melted. I loved the way it looked, so rugged. I loved the way it roared step on it, baby. I loved the fact that other cars the Kancil, in particular gave way to us on the road. I especially loved being high up and staring down at the motorcyclists next to me with a stupid grin on my face. I had chrome kangaroo bars mounted on the front to make it look even more manly . I was so tempted to add spotlights to the already bright headlamps. There was no need for that because I wasn TMt going to rough it out in the jungle, but I was thinking it might come in handy in case someone needed to change a tyre in the dark along the highway.

The best thing was the look on people TMs faces when, as they were checking out my Hilux, I TMd jumped down from the driver TMs seat. Yup, tiny me all of 1.5m.

Every fairy tale has a happy ending but alas, mine TMs no fairy tale. My beloved was taken from me after only 11 passionate months.

It was cloudy on the morning of Oct 24, 2001. As I was walking towards the spot where I had parked my car the night before, I felt a bit queasy. Something was not right it was not there! I thought maybe I had parked it at a different spot, so I searched the next street and the next, and the one after.

I was devastated, heartbroken. I felt a void. Actually, I felt nothing for a whole week.

That was over 10 years ago. People say time heals broken hearts. I TMve never had another Hilux. I cannot bear to be hurt again. Now I only look forlornly at those of others who have a stupid grin on their faces.

The Advertiser SuperTipping

The Advertiser SuperTipping

A: You may only register and enter each of the games ONCE. Anyone registered more than once in any one game at any stage of the competition may be disqualified as indicated in the official Game Rules and Terms of Use.

Q: I am currently not a resident of Australia. Can I still enter and play?

A: Youre more than welcome to participate in the games. Due to the nature of the competition and legalities involved with running promotions, only residents of Australia may be eligible to win available prizes.

Q: Ive forgotten my password, what can I do?

A: Please click on the Lost password link near the login panel to have a password reset link sent to you.

Q: Im registered, but Im having problems logging in.

A: You must only login with the original email address that you have registered with. If you are unsure about your password, you can request a password reset by clicking here. Well email you password reset instructions to your registered email address within a few minutes. Please check your Spam or Junk mail folder if it hasnt arrived in your inbox. If you dont receive our password reset email, then its likely that you are using an incorrect email address or there?s an issue with your registration. If this is the case, please contact us, providing as much detail about your registration so that we may determine what may be at fault.

Q: I have a new email address. Can you change my login details?

A: You can actually change your login details directly at the Advertiser SuperTipping web site. Simply login with your current details, and then click on the SETTINGS button, which can be found in the main game menu near the top left of the screen. You can change your login email and/or password there.

Q: Can I change my Alias name?

A: Yes, although only for a limited time prior to the start of competition. Your alias name is your unique identifier in the game and cannot be changed at latter stages of the competition.

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Team determines how estrogens persist in dairy farm wastewater

Team determines how estrogens persist in dairy farm wastewater

CHAMPAIGN, lll. Wastewater from large dairy farms contains significant concentrations of estrogenic hormones that can persist for months or even years, researchers report in a new study. In the absence of oxygen, the estrogens rapidly convert from one form to another; this stalls their biodegradation and complicates efforts to detect them, the researchers found.

Wastewater from large dairies is a major source of estrogenic compounds in the environment. Photo courtesy Wei Zheng

The study, led by scientists at the Illinois Sustainable Technology Center, is the first to document the unusual behavior of estrogens in wastewater lagoons. The study appears in the journal Environmental Science Technology.

Just as new mothers undergo hormonal changes that enable them to breastfeed, lactating cows generate estrogenic hormones that are excreted in urine and feces, said ISTC senior research scientist Wei Zheng, who led the study. In large animal feeding operations CAFOs the hormones end up in wastewater. Farmers often store the wastewater in lagoons and may use it to fertilize crops.

Federal laws regulate the flow of nutrients such as nitrogen and phosphorous from CAFOs to prevent excess nutrients from polluting rivers, streams, lakes or groundwater. Environmental officials assume that such regulations also protect groundwater and surface waters from contamination with animal hormones and veterinary pharmaceuticals, but this has not been proven.

Hormone concentrations in livestock wastes are 100 to 1,000 times higher than those emitted from plants that treat human sewage, and large dairy farms are a primary source of estrogens in the environment, Zheng said. Recent studies have detected estrogenic hormones in soil and surrounding watersheds after dairy wastewater was sprayed on the land as fertilizer.

estrogens are present at levels that can affect the reproductive functions of aquatic animals, Zheng said. Even low levels of estrogens can animals that spend their lives in the water, causing male fish, for example, to have low sperm counts or to develop female characteristics such as producing eggs, undermining their ability to reproduce.

Hormones that end up in surface or groundwater could contaminate sources of drinking water for humans, Zheng said. estrogens may also be taken up by plants a potential new route into the food chain, he said.

When exposed to the air, estrogenic hormones in animal waste tend to break down into harmless byproducts. But the hormones persist in anoxic conditions.

While conducting the new study on dairy waste lagoon water in the lab, the researchers were surprised at first to see levels of three primary estrogens 17 alphaestradiol, 17 betaestradiol and estrone fall and then rise again in their samples. Further analysis revealed that the estradiols were being converted to estrone, undergoing the normal first step of biodegradation. But then the process reversed itself: Estrone was reverting to the alpha and betaestradiols.

call this a reverse transformation, Zheng said. inhibits further degradation. Now we have a better idea of why the estrogens can persist in the environment.

The degradation rates of the three hormones in the wastewater solution were temperaturedependent, and very slow. After 52 days at 35 degrees Celsius 95 degrees Fahrenheit an ideal temperature for hormone degradation, Zheng said less than 30 percent of the hormones in the solution had broken down.

The fluctuating levels of estrone and estradiols may lead to detection errors, Zheng said, giving the impression that the total estrogen load of wastewater is decreasing when it is not.

Stronger social safety net leads to decrease in stress

Stronger social safety net leads to decrease in stress

CHAMPAIGN, Ill. Social safety net programs that reduce psychosocial stressors for lowincome families also ultimately lead to a reduction in childhood obesity, according to research by a University of Illinois economist who studies the efficacy of food assistance programs on public health.

Craig Gundersen, a professor of agricultural and consumer economics at Illinois, says food and exercise alone are not to blame for the extent of obesity among children in the United States. Psychosocial factors, such as stressors brought about by uncertainty about the economy, income inequality, and a fraying social safety net also must be considered, he says.

Energyin, energyout is important, but energy imbalance isnt the only thing leading to overweight status among children, said Gundersen, the executive director of the National Soybean Research Laboratory at Illinois. and other developed countries.

As a society, were always looking for different ways we can address public health issues, whether its reducing food insecurity or reducing obesity, he said. Although there have been many different ways to reduce obesity, what weve found is that stress is a leading cause of obesity among children.

If we cut back on benefits for the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, or otherwise reduce its availability to people, that would increase the amount of stress that lowincome families would face, which would then subsequently lead to increases in obesity, he said.

According to Gundersen, programs such as SNAP play a vital role in the social safety net as well as in efforts to end obesity.

I really cannot stress how great of a program SNAP is, he said. Its a fantastic program, and I think it can do a lot to help in our fight against obesity as its currently constructed.

But there have been calls to restrict what SNAP recipients can purchase. For example, New York City recently proposed prohibiting children from purchasing sports drinks with their SNAP benefits. Gundersen views this development as setting a dangerous precedent.

Ultimately, placing restrictions on what people can buy only discourage them from participating in the program because it stigmatizes the benefits, he said. The best way to reduce obesity isnt to introduce more restrictions, but to expand SNAP as its currently structured.

Since SNAP allows families to purchase more healthy foods than they would otherwise be able to, any further restrictions or cutbacks to the program would have a twofold effect, Gundersen says.

Reducing access to SNAP would increase stress, which leads to increases in obesity, but it also means that families wouldnt be able to afford healthy foods and would subsequently have to purchase less healthy foods, he said. When thinking about these sort of policy considerations, we have to think about who bears the brunt of these cutbacks, because not only could they lead to more obesity, but also to more inequality.

Gundersen says that while many families who are facing tough times may not be eligible for SNAP, which is only available to those below 130 percent of the poverty line, private food assistance networks can also play a key role in helping reduce foodscarcity stress.

People know that if theyre short on funds at the end of the month, they can go to their local food pantry and get some food, he said. So a lot of people may be ineligible for SNAP but are still facing a very a stressful financial situation. Food banks really help those people, which in turn lowers stress and, by extension, obesity.

As many families face financial hardship as a result of the sluggish economy, Gundersen says that public policymakers need to be aware of the relationship between stressors and childhood obesity, which has only become more pronounced as incomeinequality has grown over the last three decades.

If present trends of income inequality are maintained, and if people are stressed by this and there is some evidence to suggest that they are, to the extent that its your position versus others in society, and not your absolute level of income that, too, could lead to more obesity, Gundersen said.

The study, published in the journal Obesity Reviews, was cowritten by Duhita Mahatmya, Steven Garasky and Brenda J. Lohman, all of Iowa State University.

Son of Waterbury alderman arrested on drug charge Republican American

Son of Waterbury alderman arrested on drug charge Republican American

WATERBURY The 31yearold son of Alderman Gregory A. Hadley was charged with possession of marijuana with intent to sell Friday afternoon, police said. Friday, police said.

Police stopped Hadley and a friend because the friend resembled a suspect police were looking for in an unrelated incident. It turned out the friend was not the suspect police sought.

Hadley was released Saturday. Police did not know his court date.

He lives at the same address, 61 Ives St., as his father.

Hadley has a previous criminal record. He was arrested five years ago on the same street corner after he and another man were caught selling $20 worth of crack cocaine to an undercover cop, according to records.

Hadley was sentenced to four years in prison for that conviction.

He is the second child of an alderman to be arrested in two weeks.

On July 25, board President Paul K. Pernerewski Jr.s 18yearold son, Paul, surrendered to police on a seconddegree criminal mischief charge in connection with racist graffiti at Murray Park.

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