Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Netgear WNDR Premium Edition Router Review

Netgear WNDR3800 Premium Edition Router Review

The NETGEAR N600 Wireless Dual Band Gigabit Router Premium Edition offers high performance wireless Internet access for demanding applications, such as streaming HD video and multiplayer gaming. It supports a wide range of new features and applications such as ReadySHARE Cloud, ReadySHARE Printer, Clear Channel Selector and much more. Simultaneous Dual band technology runs both 2.4 and 5 GHz bands at the same time, avoiding interference, ensuring top speeds and the greatest range, while Gigabit offers ultrafast wired connections.

An indisputable leader of the network equipment market, Netgear offers both homeoriented routers and corporate solutions. It was one of the first companies to introduce dualband 802.11n routers and builtin antennas. So, Netgear is good at innovations but you dont always have to innovate to bring a new product to the market.

The WNDR3800 router we are going to discuss today follows the popular WNDR3700 model which was released in multiple modifications. The external differences are only limited to the secondary color of the case you can see on the front panel. But inside, the WNDR3800 is the first Netgear device with revised firmware which provides new features in a new user interface. By the way, this model has been launched together with yet another WNDR3700 modification. It is the snowwhite WNDRMAC intended for Apple users.

Currently, the WNDR3800 is the junior model in Netgears highperformance router series. There are two more advanced products in it: WNDR4000 with old firmware but a faster WiFi controller and WNDR4500 which supports datatransfer rates up to 450 Mbps in each 802.11n frequency band.

Package and Accessories

Besides Netgears traditional blue, the box of the WNDR3800 is painted red, which indicates the premium positioning of the device in the companys product lineup. You can check out the exterior design, specifications and capabilities of the WNDRT3800 on its box, including such parameters as its processor clock rate and memory amount.

There is nothing unusual inside the box. Besides the router, it contains a stand, a power adapter, a Gigabit Ethernet cable, some documents, and a CD with electronic documentation.

You may want to download exclusive software from the manufacturers website to make use of every feature of your WNDR3800. Note that you have to look for it on the pages dedicated to the router individual features rather than on the product page. You can find the links in the relevant locations of the router setup interface.

Lake County Bomb Squad called to Madison Township Walmart for unattended suitcase

Lake County Bomb Squad called to Madison Township Walmart for unattended suitcase

An unattended to suitcase left near the front of Walmart Supercenter late Friday in Madison Township prompted police to close the store and call for the Lake County Bomb Squad. for a report from a customer who observed an unattended suitcase near the front door and next to a garbage can.

The store was closed and all people were moved away from the area as the first concern was for public safety and store employees, Madison Township Police Sgt. Ralf Caswell said.

Madison Village and Perry Village police departments and Madison Fire District personnel assisted to close the parking lot and secure the area, the sergeant said.

Thebomb squad was contacted and responded to the scene to check the suitcase and it was determined there was nothing harmful inside, he said.

Ralf said the case is remains under investigation and charges might be sought against the person who left the suitcase.

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Curler likes an SUV with room for the brooms

Curler likes an SUV with room for the brooms

Shes won a silver medal in curling at the 2010 Winter Olympics, but Cheryl Bernard, the skip of Team Bernard, isnt one to rest on her laurels and still trains hard.

To get to practice and tournaments, she drives a 2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee SUV its part of a sponsorship deal with a local dealership in Alberta.

I was an insurance broker for 13 years. I had my own insurance agency and I came close to losing my licence for speeding. So I really had to slow down. I started to know the police personally.

I got a ticket about a month ago driving back from Red Deer. I hit Calgary and I was still doing pretty good speed at 8 in the morning on Stoney Trail and got pulled over. A $211 ticket!

The guy asked me, Why were you going so fast? I dont even have an answer for that. Cause its early in the morning and I need a coffee.

I have been let off a few times the Mounties seem to be more into curling than the city police. A couple of times Ive been pulled over by the Mounties and theyre like, Hey, congratulations on the curling! Slow down. And they leave. But if youre speeding, you probably should get a ticket.

A 1979 Malibu Classic fourdoor. It was probably $2,200$2,500 bucks, which was a lot then.

I loved that vehicle. I thought it was the sportiest thing ever. Now I look back and I laugh. It was neat. I went to Pick Your Part Auto and got cool chrome tires for it. I had a boyfriend at the time paint it with super metallic black paint! It was perfect for 1979.

I wanted something sporty and fun so I ended up trading it in for not a lot of money and got an RX7. Then I drove a sports car for a while. That was the only two cars I ever owned. Ive owned SUVs ever since.

What other SUVs have you owned?

A Ford Explorer, a BMW X5 and the Lexus.

I had a lot of problems with my X5. I bought it brand new and I was really disappointed with it. I had a bunch of electrical issues: problem, after problem, after problem from the day I got it. Within a week I had an electrical problem and then the doors wouldnt unlock, then the lights went off in the dash system and then only the back doors would lock and the front doors wouldnt. There was always an issue. I sold it and I will never buy another BMW.

The Lexus has been fabulous. I wasnt sure going from the Lexus to the Jeep, but so far I havent been disappointed. The Lexus is still an SUV, which is nice. It was on the luxury side it was a spoilyourself vehicle its more of a sports car than an SUV.

Do you take a lot of road trips?

I drove down to Phoenix last year. Im going to drive this vehicle down to San Diego we have a place there.

Were going to go for a month this summer to San Diego. Im wondering what the Americans will think of a vehicle decaled with curlers on the side of it? Itll get a few stares.

I love going to Banff and going into the mountains and the winding roads I love driving that. I cant stand driving to Medicine Hat and Edmonton cause its flat and boring and nothing to see.

I live in my vehicle. Its full of workout wear, its full of curling gear, and its full of my dog gear.

My dog comes everywhere with me so Ive always got a dog in the passenger seat. He loves it. He looks right at home.

What do you listen to when driving?

Ill listen to books on tape sports psychology books.

George Thorogood is my big driving guy. I know all the words so I sing along to that. I love Garth Brooks hes great to drive with. Ill even listen to Il Divo and opera.

Tuesday, 11 March 2014

government news scotland

government news scotland

Agriculture is an important sector of the Scottish economy. The vast majority of land in Scotland is under agricultural production and the sector is responsible for much of Scotlands food exports.

In rural areas the industry creates many economic, environmental and social benefits, with a large number of people directly employed in agricultural activities.

The Scotland Rural Development Programme SRDP is a programme of economic, environmental and social measures, worth some 1.2 billion, designed to develop rural Scotland over the next few years, to 2013.

This will make it easier for customers to apply for agricultural and rural subsidies, and provide instant online access to view and update information. The new service will include:New customerfocused website.Greater access to your information online.Manage your applications and land records.Quicker application processing

We are also actively seeking your feedback on the current services through a customer survey and if you are contacted via telephone by IPSOS Mori, who have been asked to carry this out on our behalf, please take a few minutes to give your input and help us improve our service to you. An online version of the survey has been sent to customers not contacted for the phone survey and to those who would prefer to complete the survey online. The online survey runs until August 13 so dont delay, take this opportunity to have your say.

How will vote impact Minn

How will vote impact Minn

DAY CARE UNION: How will vote impact Minn., providers?More>>

DAY CARE UNION: Minn. House passes bill 6866DAY CARE UNION: Minn. House passes bill 6866Updated: Monday, May 20 2013 10:03 PM EDT20130521 02:03:01 GMT

The Minnesota Capitol saw dozens of hours of heated debate on child care unionization, and FOX 9 News spoke with two providers, one for and one against, about the impact.

The Minnesota Capitol saw dozens of hours of heated debate on child care unionization, and FOX 9 News spoke with two providers, one for and one against, about the impact.

On Monday, lawmakers in the Minnesota House of Representatives narrowly passed a bill to allow day care workers to unionize. Gov. Mark Dayton is set to sign it, but what will happen next?


By a margin of just two votes, the Minnesota House of Representatives passed a bill that already cleared the Senate and would allow day care providers and personal care attendants to unionize. The bill now goes to Gov. Mark Dayton, and he is expected to sign it.

The state two largest unions, SEIU and AFSCME, will have four years to convince providers that union membership will be worth their while.

The 12,500 child care workers in Minnesota who look after children in the state Child Care Assistance Program, known as CCAP for short, must vote on whether or not to join the union by 2017. At least 50 percent of the state providers will need to join in order of the union to be established.

Those who do not provide care to CCAP families will not need to vote and will not be affected.


The union will be able to negotiate reimbursement rates for subsidized clients, and members would have the right to file grievances.

Members will have to pay union dues. In states that already allow day care unions, monthly dues range from $25 to $50 a month. In Minnesota, the monthly dues are projected to be $25.

Although union membership is voluntary in Minnesota, nonmembers who do accept CCAP clients would have to pay what is known as a fair share fee, which could be up to 85 percent of membership dues.

The day care union bill passed in Minnesota does not afford child care workers the right to strike.I ecstatic it passed. It creates opportunity in my profession, Clarrissa Johnston, who has been providing day care for the past 26 years.

After fighting for 10 years, Johnston is glad providers like her will be able to form their own union.

We take care of children, she said. I am not a child. I want this opportunity. We would like the opportunity to have a vote with this.

Johnston told FOX 9 News the bill passage shows lawmakers understand that taking care of children isn child play.

It shows me that legislators respect me as a small business owner and that I can make decisions that drive my niche in this industry, she said.

Laura Gaustad isn so gungho. She opposes unionization and said she worries that she would have to pass the costs of socalled fair share fees onto parents if she ever decides to take on CCAP kids.

How Oberlin Works

How Oberlin Works

Although this site was created with the whole Oberlin campus community in mind, we hope it will be most used by students seeking to effect change in the institution. Faculty and staff learn the ins and outs of how Oberlin works during their tenure here, whereas students have just four or five years to learn how to navigate administrative structure and how to most effectively make their voices heard.

We invite students who are seeking to create change at Oberlin to examine the largescale structures introduced in the Overview section, as well as the microlevel opportunities to make change covered in the Encyclopaedia. There are groups that make longterm planning, budgeting, and program decisions at Oberlin, and there are groups that make decisions that affect a smaller section of the institution. Both levels can be improved by wellconsidered student, faculty, staff, and alumni input.

By understanding how Oberlin works, students will not only be able to engage with Oberlin critically and productively, but they will also be better prepared to make effective change in their future institutions.

This site was inspired by Professor of History Steven Volk wish to create a mandatory course on how Oberlin works. We hope this site accomplishes some of what he envisioned.

The overview section draws heavily on the Charter and Bylaws of Oberlin College, and also the 1991 winterterm project of Matthew Lindeman who created a document called How Oberlin Works that explains the largescale governance structures in Oberlin much of which remains accurate two decades later.

A group of students Baer Michael Balantekin David Clarke Benjamin Klebanoff and Aminah Roberts winter term 2009 researching and compiling information on many of the 200plus entries within the Encyclopaedia section. They were supervised by communications fellows Lillie Chilen and Shane MacDonald Harris Lapiroff designed and built this site.

Harrisburg Features

Harrisburg Features

abc27 is teaming up with Penn State Milton S. Hershey Spine Center to discuss medical conditions pertaining to the spine, including medical advancements and treatment options. A panel of experts from Penn State Hershey Spine Center will be in our studio to answer your questions. You are invited to call and talk oneonone with the doctors on our panel during our live program which airs at 7:30 pm on Thursday, February 7, 2013. More >>

Heart to HeartHeart to Heart

abc27 is teaming up with Penn State Milton S. Hershey Medical Center to discuss heart disease and treatment, including advanced treatment for heart failure and pulmonary embolisms. Learn more about these companies and upcoming job openings here.

More >>New England CruiseNew England Cruise

Beckoned by the neon lights of Broadway, we set sail for the charming ports of Canadian Maritime Provinces and New England!More >>

One Tank TripsOne Tank Trips

Many great trips and destinations are literally in our backyards. One tank of gas from Central Pennsylvania can get you to a lot of fun places!More >>

Out AboutOut About

Thank you for stopping by. Through my Out About reports I look forward to spotlighting positive people, positive places and positive events throughout the Midstate that sometimes get overlooked. Some of the topics will be serious, some fun, and of course, some silly. After all, I the reporter!More >>

Getting the middle of nowhere online

Getting the middle of nowhere online

A computer expert who has worked with some of the country biggest firms is looking to get some of Lancashire most remote parts on the information superhighway.

He said: There was an example of an architect living on the Bleasdale Estate who used to have to download his graphics on a memory stick and drive four miles down the road to upload them.

Even simple things like social networking or streaming television are things the rest of us take for granted but you cannot do with the connections available out there.

The companys most recent installation came in Twiston, near Clitheroe which became the latest relay pont in his growing network with a receiver and transmitter installed on the side of the farmhouse.

Mike, who has installed computer systems for the likes of Royal Bank of Scotland and Tetra Pack in a 30 year career in IT, said setting up a private network for the Ribble Valley was probably the only way to get the areas online.

He said: The big providers will not look at these areas because the cost of rolling out the kind of infrastructure we are talking about is an arm and a leg, it is not worth their while.

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