Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Zombie Halloween Costumes

Zombie Halloween Costumes

Zombies are what Halloween is all about. Fake blood and the living dead, there really is no better combination. But if you are looking for great Halloween costumes of zombies, then this is going to be a fun day for you.

Zombies have been cereating havock onscreen and on Halloween celebrations for decades. Marvel comics has even got depictions of their favourite living comics portrayed as the living dead. No matter how much you dislike the sight of gore, zombies are a sight to behold.

In my lens on Zombie Haloween Costumes, Ill be showing you a few costumes for kids as well as some great ones for adults. There are also a few accessories that you gowlish outfit might really appreciate.

First to study zombies it is important to understand exactly what a zombie is. We need to differentiate between to common terms used for zombies, Undead and Zombie.

This is the definition of the Undead!!

1. no longer alive but animated by a supernatural force, as a vampire or zombie.

2. neither dead nor alive. living dead.

To be this undead dude, you get the pants w/ attached zombie thigh and knee bones, shirt w/ attached rotten flesh chest 2 skeletal forarms, zombie mask w/ stringy hair and 2 skeletal gloves.

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