Friday, 3 January 2014

Yorkie Talk

Yorkie Talk

These inquisitive little dogs are absolutely adorable. They usually top out at about 7 pounds, with some weighing a little more, and some a little less.

However; the only thing tiny about them is their structure. Their loyalty, personality, and courage will often top that of a 110 pound dog. Yorkies are exceptionally smart, and in spite of their small size, make excellent watch dogs. They must see a 100 pound image when they look in a mirror, because theyll seldom back down from anything. Their determination to protect their owner could indeed get them in a heap of trouble if theyre not careful.

Your home is in good hands when there is a Yorki on board. The slightest noise awakens them and theyre immediately ready to pursue the invader.

The origination of the Yorkshire Terrier is not entirely certain, but they are believed to have originated somewhere in England. They are part of the terrier group and it is believed they were used to hunts rats and other verminand yes, sometimes they like to dig.

Because Yorkies are tenacious little characters, they are sometimes accused of being difficult to train, but with perserverance and consistency, training should not be much of a problem. The earlier the training starts, the better. Yorkies need to know early in life what is and what is not acceptable behavior. They re like small children, and will try to get away with as much as possible.

Yorkie puppies start out as adorable little fluffy black and tan furballs that mature into beautiful steel blue and tan adults with long silky coats. These beautiful coats however, take regular ongoing maintenance.

Many owners that have a Yorkie for companionship, and who dont intend to show the dog , opt to keep their dog in a shorter cut to alleviate some of this maintenance. This is an option that you may want to consider also unless youre willing to commit to considerable time maintaining your Yorkie.

Yorkies are a very adaptable dog, and fit in well with a variety of different types of families from apartment tenants to country dwellers with large fenced in yards. They are extremely loyal to their owners and aim to please. They are very energetic, but are certainly not opposed to curling up in your lap for some love and personal attention.

Due to their small size they do better with older children if theyre going to be around children at all. Because of the Yorkies big attitude, we often forget that theyre a small dog. Care must be taken when placing a Yorkie on a couch or bed or anyplace up off the floor. They will not hesitate to jump off and could quite possibly break a leg in doing so. A Yorkie may not be the perfect dog, but what they lack in some areas, they make up in personality, and are currently ranked in the top ten of most popular breeds.

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