Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Writing Effective Email Newsletter

Writing Effective Email Newsletter

But there are always silent moments in between offers: a series of days when we have nothing to share to our subscribers. Before they would forget about our business, we must find ways to fill up these downtimes with reminders of our enterprises TM existence.

Most Internet marketers utilize newsletters to maintain the interests of their subscribers. These newsletters, called eZines or electronic magazines, are usually filled with informative pieces about the subject of our business which our subscribers have shown interest with, by virtue of their very subscription.

But a newsletter is more than just a stopgap option. It could be capable of so much more. It could be a vehicle that could efficiently promote our business and increase our profit tremendously.

Ideally, a newsletter should be able to accomplish the following:

Keep our subscribers interested with what we could offer in the future.

Remind our subscribers why they have opted to subscribe to our mailing list.

Share interesting information about what TMs going on in the field that is the subject of our enterprise and that is the object of their interests.

Warm up our subscribers for future sales, which can be done by conditioning their minds to assent to certain things.

There are many techniques that can be employed to accommodate these goals. Let TMs take a look at some of them.

Write about emerging trends in the industry with the purpose of subtly promoting your products. If a newsworthy event happens in the field, for example, you could write a report about it and say something to the effect that your R department is working overtime to meet the blossoming needs that would be brought about by such a change.

Write a guide, or a howto article, and share the same with your subscribers. People will never say no to something that would educate them on how to do things, or how to do things better. They would be thankful for what you will impart. And their gratitude can potentially lead to their patronage once you deliver your contingent propositions.

Share something comical. Like an anecdote or a cartoon strip. Sometimes, laughter is the best way to their hearts. Things don TMt have to be serious all the time. In fact, there will be a number of people who would look forward to your newsletter because of these comical pieces alone. Since you TMll be able to hook them with something interesting, making them read the rest of what you have to share would be easy.

Do not hesitate to make your newsletter a blog where you could share the events of your days. This would allow your readers to get to know you more, and they TMll have less reservation in dealing with you in the future. However, make sure to curtail excessive pronouncements that might alienate your readers. Sharing a piece of yourself is very different from talking about yourself exclusively. There should be a healthy balance between this and the other techniques.

Offer freebies and bonuses with your newsletter. This has worked wonders for many online businessmen. It is something that people would certainly look forward to. After all, who could ever refuse the word free?

In a nutshell, the trick lies in adding value and color to your newsletter. For people to treasure your eZine, it must prove itself to be worthy of their esteem. By following the tactics delineated above, it is a certainty that your newsletter would achieve this level of respect.

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