Friday, 17 January 2014

Why Big Brands Change Their Logos

Why Big Brands Change Their Logos

It is commonly said that your logo design should be with your company for a long, long time. If your company lasts centuries, then it should last centuries as well. Since your logo creates your brand identity, changing it often won be a good practice at all, because people eventually begin to recognize your business through your logo design. So, if you change it, then you will make people wonder where you disappeared. This is why businesses, especially big businesses, put in lots of efforts to ensure that they create a logo that will stay with their business for a really long time.

However, recently, we have noticed that lots of big brands have changed their logos. In fact, some brands spent millions of dollars to make the change in this small design. Well, if you look at the size of the logo, then it indeed small, but when you look at its purpose, then it really, really big. It can make your business or break your business; there is no doubt about it. Now the question is that if your logo should stay with your business for years to come and if people become to recognize your brand through your logo, then why do big brands change their logos?

Some of the brands who changed their logo design not long ago include Xerox, Pepsi, Starbucks, etc. Their logos were recognizable. If you saw one even from distant, you could connect it with its respective company. However, what we need to understand is the fact that when these big brands spend lots of money to change their logo, it not only includes the change in design, but it contains a thorough research as well that how it will affect the brand as well as consumers?behavior.

Such a thorough study is essential because you don want to end up annoying your market. So, when such big brands hire design firms to revamp their logos, they pay for the design, but the main thing that is done is the research. If it done incorrectly, then the result will be devastating. For example, you must have heard about GAP recent logo change. It was a total disaster. People simply hated it. It started fiery debates even in the design industry. Consumers didn even like the change at all. So, GAP had no choice but to revert back and bring the old design back.

Sometimes, brands don make a big change. They simply take their brand name out and use some symbol to represent their company. For example, Starbucks recently changed their logo and the name of the company is gone. Only iren?is there to represent the company. The reason why took the name out was that the brand was so well known now that they didn need to include the name in their logo. Plus, it was in English and not everyone could read. An image is something that is only is seen and it can represent you globally without any language barriers.

So, there are always reasons why big brands change their logo designs. Remember, it the research that is the main part of the entire change.

Alan ford serves as a Communication Manager at LogoInn, a wellestablished graphic design company. He usually writes about Logo Design Web Design to share his views and experience of the industry with others to help them grow and prosper.

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