Thursday, 9 January 2014

What Makes a Good BoyfriendTips

What Makes a Good Boyfriend 3 Tips

You have done everything you can to be a good boyfriend lately or so you thought Now you find that you are not getting the response you had expected from your girlfriend You seem to have disappointed her in some small way but it s hard to tell just how

Her dissatisfaction with you may be blatantly obvious For example she may have told you that she is not impressed that she doesn t want to see you anymore or that she has lost interest Of course no boyfriend wants to hear any of these words coming out of their woman s mouth

But in many cases her displeasure with you may be more subtle Maybe she doesn t seem to smile as often lately Or she seems to be looking at other guys when you are looking the other way In other cases maybe a bit of the glimmer that was once in her eye is no longer there She seems a bit distant A bit removed

It is important to remember that any of these behaviors whether totally obvious or much more subtle could be the result of a number of different things going on in her life that have nothing to do with you It is important for you to consider the whole picture or as much of it as you can see to determine what might be bothering her Don t overlook the obvious possible causes such as possible problems with her job her parents school or her friends

However once you have ruled out those other elements as being the reason she seems dissatisfied lately it may be time to examine how good of a boyfriend you have been to her If you are asking yourself What makes a good boyfriend take a look at these 3 tips

1 A good boyfriend is a great listener Remember your being together is not all about yourself It is about the two of you as a couple It is important for the health of your relationship that you view your girlfriend as an individual with her own thoughts and feelings that in many ways are quite separate from you In other words while you may be a very big part of her life you are not the sun stars and entire universe to her There are other important elements of her life that also affect her happiness you doubt this you are deluding yourself So do your best to listen to her to really listen so that you can learn just what it is that makes her happy and also what brings her down It is a very safe bet that your being a good listener will pay off handsomely in terms of having a closer relationship

2 Be a bit unpredictable It s true that daily life is not all about surprises and fun the business of daily life is not always a party At the same time though ask yourself whether you have been keeping things fun and interesting in your relationship Do you ever surprise her with little things like flowers or a small gift Remember it doesn t have to be anything fancy It truly is the thought that counts that will win over her heart

3 Ask her what she wants This is a big one Every woman in the world wants to be made to feel that she is special and your girlfriend is no different The best way to make her feel like she is the center of the universe is to ask her what she wants Ask her about the big things like about where she wants to live in 5 years or what her ideal career might be But also ask about the little things where does she want to go for dinner What is her favorite ice cream flavor It is in the very asking of these questions that she will feel a special bond with you

If you are looking to improve your boyfriend skills try shifting the focus away from yourself and onto her You may be surprised at what happens Has some of the spark gone out of your relationship? Rekindle your love with this expert advice.

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