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What is torbutrol for dogs

What is torbutrol for dogs

A brandname veterinary medication, Torbutrol contains the narcotic butorphanol tartrate. Together, these effects help prevent the animals brain from receiving pain signals.

UsesIn addition to its use as a pain reliever, Torbutrol also suppresses coughing when taken at low doses and helps prevent nausea in dogs, particularly when used before chemotherapy treatments, reports Mar Vista Animal Medical Center. Torbutrol is also effective when used as a tranquilizer prior to the administration of general anesthetic for surgery.

TypesTorbutrol is available as an oral medication, an injection or a nasal spray. Veterinarians select the method to prescribe based upon the purpose of the drug and whether it will be administered in the vets office or a home setting.

Side EffectsThe most common side effect of Torbutrol is drowsiness or sedation, according to Mar Vista Animal Medical Center. Other side effects include diarrhea and loss of appetite.

WarningTaking Torbutrol with other sedatives, antihistamines or tranquilizers could result in excessive sedation and a lifethreatening condition known as respiratory depression, in which a dogs body is unable to control its breathing. Torbutrol is not considered safe for use in pregnant dogs or those with a history of liver disease, kidney failure, hypothyroidism, Addisons disease or head trauma, cautions Mar Vista Animal Medical Center.

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