Wednesday, 8 January 2014

weird white bumps in back of throat and mouth

weird white bumps in back of throat and mouth

I noticed some weird bumps in the back of my mouth, also my throat is sore and swollen a little. I have not noticed any other side effects along with these bumps.

I am 20 yrs old, and have never , at all , had sexual contact or oral sex of any kind!!!!! So I am very stumped on what these might be. Also, my sister has them in the back of her mouth to. this is very strange to me!!! That I know of , its been going on for the past couple months. but it goes and comes.

If you can help at all, We are very concerned on what these might be!!!!!! Especially after not doing anything with any one!!!!!!! We do not want to go to the doctor right now, since we do not have any insurance and are poor college students, so we wanted to ask for help and see if we really should fork out the money and go!!!!

Thank you so much!!!!! and have a great day!!!!!

I have a simular problem with white lumps in the back of my throught. But I can pull them out myself from a small hole in the back of my throat. My 8 year old sister has it to but less frequent than mine. I have had my problem for more that a year or to! I told my mum but she didnt really do nothing becausue she didnt understand me. Iv also noticed that they smell desgusting and make my breath smell. Sometimes they make my throat sore and to stop this soreness i have to pull them out! Shoud i ask my mum take me the doctors so he/she could subscribe me and my sister something? or is there anything i could do without medication. If there is could you please tell me in simple form as i am only 14

I have had a similar problem for about 7 months now. My taste buds seem to stand out at the back of my mouth and have had a whiteish coating on my tongue. I went to the doc about 5 months ago now who gave me nyastatin which didnt really work. I was then told it probably wasnt thrush and to see a dentist who just told me to brush my tongue at the back. After this my results for a swab came back which showd a case of mild thrush, and was told it was nothing to worry about. As i still seem to have this prob on and off for a while should i see the doc again?

Sound very similur to me. About 3 months ago I kept getting this sensation that I has something stuck in my throat. I saw a small white lumpish thing near a flap in my tonsils on the left. I got a flash light and picked it out easily. it did not hurt but it bled a bit. the small lump looked kind of cottage cheesy but was rubbery and crumbled. It smelt really bad and I kind of figured it was some food that had got caught in my saliva gland or something. For the last week I had the same feelingthis is three months later and found anouther one in the same place. same look and smell. I have been trying to find some indication on all the internet MD sites but none really fit untill I read this site. I am leaning towards some bacteria infection like strep which comes closest to the symptoms I have found. I am going to see a doc in a few days because none of the leads lead to anything good as far as I can see.

I thought I was completely alone with the white bumps in the back of the throat. I have been battling this for about 4 years, with the disgusting smelly balls that come out. I usually get sick of the taste it leaves in my mouth, etc so if I cant see them I cough them out. I am pregnant now, but after I have the baby I am going to try to get my tonsils out, it is well worth it just to feel better about myself. I went to the doctor once, she told me it is food that sits there in the holes/crypts of your tonsils that decays. It is so nasty! I am so glad that I am not alone though, I just hope insurance will cover the surgery.

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