Sunday, 5 January 2014

Way Backlinking

Way Backlinking

The use of links that point to our website oneway link building is one way to increase our popularity web effectively. The purpose of this article is to improve our positions in search engines that interest us .

This practice can be accomplished in different ways . For example, one of them is hiring people to manually go and leave references and links in other websites , another practice is hiring services on the internet to submit comments using bots automatically. But keep in mind that sending links and citations automatically is a practice that can lead to spam and it is also penalized by Google and it is even be considered as an unethical practice. Therefore we must be careful with the elements and how we get our backlinks, you must implement great practices to get good results.

This technique consists in the publication of articles focusing on the keywords for which we want to rank . Write articles about your topic and distribute the main keywords in the title, headers and body of the articles, we can use these keywords in plural, singular, with synonyms and variations.

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