Sunday, 5 January 2014

Watch The American Version Of Netflix In The Bahamas

Watch The American Version Of Netflix In The Bahamas

In recent years, Netflix has launched a service that covers users in the Caribbean, including those in the Bahamas. However, while there is a local version of Netflix, it is very different from the version from the United States and much more limited. People who use the version of Netflix from the Bahamas can access only a fraction of the movies that those using the United States version can. This is due to the absence of licensing agreements. So, if you want to watch Netflix in the Bahamas, it is difficult, but there is a way.

It is possible to access the American version of Netflix from the Bahamas. This can be done using a VPN to mask your IP address and making it appear as if you are visiting from the United States rather than from the Bahamas. Using a VPN, you have the same access to Netflix, and indeed any American site, as if you were in the United States. Effectively, you gain an American netizenship.

There are many advantages of doing this. The biggest reason is of course the differences in content. The version of Netflix that is present in the Bahamas is very limited in how many different movies are present, while the American version has more movies than you could watch in a lifetime.

Streaming speeds is also another difference. If you are watching something hosted in the United States using an American IP address, you have much faster streaming speed. Another advantages of using a VPN obtain an IP address from the United States is that you bypass censorship on the internet. You are able to access any website within the United States as if you were within its borders. Websites cannot tell the difference between a person from the United States and one using a VPN to appear this way.

Using a VPN, you can access the American Netflix in the Bahamas without any problems. There is no need to stick with the version of Netflix that the Bahamas has to offer when there is something that is much better and is relatively easy to access. VPNs are a good way of accessing Netflix outside the USA. They give the user a lot of freedom to browse sites hosted in the United States without having to worry about regional restrictions. I highly recommend giving this a try. Using a VPN to change your IP address is very effective and easy to set up..

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