Saturday, 11 January 2014

The Man with the Child in His Eyes

The Man with the Child in His Eyes

This is the final installment of my series on The Man with the Child in His Eyes. Christopher Atkins wrote and directed the film, and because they were unable to find an old man to play the title character, he is starring in the short as well.

Kathryn Gould: Chris, what was your inspiration for the story?

Christopher Atkins: The inspiration was a woman down the street when I was a kid who used to give candy to all the kids on the block after school before we played in the street, and there was a strange man who used to ride his bike with a tall orange flag on it to baseball games and smoke a pipe. Someone told me he had been shell shocked during the war. There was also a song by Kate Bush called Man with the Child in His Eyes that I loved.

KG: Will the film make the festival rounds?

CA: Yes, I plan to submit it to festivals.

KG: Why did you choose to produce your film in Colorado?

CA: Mark Grove of Asgard Entertainment is a very good friend. He fell in love with this project and it was he that truly made it happen. His company Asgard Entertainment is here in Denver, and he said, bring it here and we will make it happen. Asgard is a full function studio with its own stunt team and all the latest top of the line digital equipment to produce high quality films. He along with his partner Jon Firestone who is one of the top experts on the RED camera have championed this project and are as excited and enthusiastic as I am about making this film. Colorado has everything I need and less traffic!

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