Thursday, 2 January 2014

The Amazing World of Chinese Translation

The Amazing World of Chinese Translation

Chinese is one of the widest spoken languages in the world. It may sound strange but it is 100% true. Do not be astonished, but around 1/5th of the worlds total population speaks Chinese. Keep it in mind. And why only speak about translation? The language needs to be learnt first and then reading/writing will come into scenario. There are around 20,000 characters similar to alphabets in English language available in total! However, only 10, 000 characters are used these days.

There are different variants of Chinese language. Below is a list along with the total number of speakers from the world:

I. Mandarin Guan 1.365 billion II. Wu Wu 90 million III. Yue Yue 70 million IV. Min Min 50 million V. Xiang Xiang 35 million VI. Hakka Kejia 35 million VII. Gan Gan 31 million VIII. Jin Jin 45 million IX. Huizhou Hui 3.2 million X. Pinghua Pin 5 million

Now, it should be noted that all these are different forms of Chinese translation. And it is very difficult to learn all these forms of the language. Any one form can be adopted in a fluent way. The most common form of Chinese is Mandarin.

A funny fact is that there is a massive difference between writing and speaking of this language. The speaking of Chinese has gone through different changes, while the writing style has remained the same as it used to be during the past periods. The characters of this particular language are divided into 5 groups: High level, High rising, low falling, high falling, and neutral

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