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That Anyone Could Replicate

That Anyone Could Replicate

Friends, I am a student right now and I have been searching to the answer to that question for at least four years. I TMve been there, done that, and frankly I had almost given up until I discovered a way to start a legitimate online business by selling products that I never see.

It TMs called Dropshipping, and it TMs now what I do parttime from my home, in between studying for my law classes. Basically, I sell products that I don TMt have and never see, package, or stock. The manufacturers I deal with charge me a reseller price and then ship out the products for me to the customers that I sell them to. Wow huh??

Well, honestly it took lots and lots of research and I discovered that in order to purchase products from online manufacturers, you have to be a legitimate, legal business in your state of residence. That TMs the only way a reliable, dropship manufacturer will deal with you at all, you have to be legal and have a business name. Don TMt be, because I am the laziest person on the planet and it took me one day to get both a business name and a Sales Tax Id number from my state, it was very, very easy. There was a website in my state for the Office of Revenue that explained what I needed to do in order to register a business.

Next, okay, you have a business name and you want to call as many dropshippers as possible right?? WRONG!! One you get your business legal, you have to do some research and think of a product that will sell on the Internet. For example, you notice how you see electronics EVERYWHERE on the Internet, you can buy a stereo anywhere, and plus that TMs something that s available at any local, pickup retail store. Folks, that won TMt sell very well on the Internet, further, it would be tough to beat out competitor prices.

In order to find the right product, that product should be something that people can TMt regularly find at every retail store or Internet Site. Plus, it should be a product that you know something about at least to market it effectively.

What did I do??

I subscribed to a Dropshippers Directory online that gave me access to a diverse list of manufacturers that dropship. It had a complete list of product lines as well that gave me the ability to brainstorm some different product ideas that I knew were available. Further, it had the contact information for each Dropshipper listed, pretty nice eh??

I did that and some market analysis using a research tool software that provided me with a comparative market demand/supply analysis of what TMs out there and what people are buying. I have the links for both the Dropshippers Directory and the Market Research tool on my website if you care to visit. Please do for further information.

Super Affiliate Handbook

This is the amazing true story of how one woman, with no previous business experience, earns $435,000+ per year online . selling other peoples stuff!

Have you seen all the hucksters hype about How to earn HUGE money on the Net?

Its sickening! Most of them have never earned a dime online! Theyre trying to sell you some gimmick, or Internet Mall that wont bring you 2 red cents.

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