Saturday, 4 January 2014

Temporary Showers

Temporary Showers

Temporary showers are becoming an ever more common sight across the nation. As a result, I was hardly surprised to find at a recent weeklong music festival, alongside the omnipresent portable toilets, there was a whole host of temporary showers for guest use. What I was slightly surprised to see was the sheer number of temporary showers available. It seems no matter where you are, showers are a luxury few people are willing to go without.

Convenience of Temporary Showers

During the course of the previously mentioned festival, I was greeted every morning by two distinct sites out my RV window. The first was a beautiful view of the mountains and a river. The second and equally intriguing sight was the line of patrons waiting patiently for access to the temporary showers. Every single day, the showers were in constant demand.

My curiosity being piqued, I decided to take a closer look and see what made these temporary structures so appealing. One morning, I got up and went down to the shower facilities and joined the line to wait my turn. I wasnt sure what Id find when I finally got in, but my patience was truly rewarded.

I was really amazed to see how clean and comfortable the showers were. The module had ample room to change and a storage area to stow my things. The shower itself more than lived up to my expectations. Good water pressure and a good temperature made it an all around very pleasant experience.

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