Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Tanning Bed Lotions Can Help Prevent Skin Cancer

Tanning Bed Lotions Can Help Prevent Skin Cancer

Know who would have that that a bull frog and a tanner had something in common. Well guess what, they do! The new Bullfrog Sunscreen Company offers a full line of sun and tanning bed lotions for residential and commercial use, to reduce your risk of tanning skin cancer. All of their products offer varying levels of sunscreen protection.

This new sunscreen and sun tan lotion line is bragging about its extra features that are perfect for the world we live in today. Their products are especially beneficial for those that enjoy the outdoors, for children, and for people who work outdoors and want to protect their skin

Their full line of creams and tanning lotions boast about their staying power. They are able to up to 8 hours, thats nearly a full day of coverage with having to worry about reapplying.

Now if thats not enough to tickle your fancy, this bullfrog is also a bug repellent. Nothing like having your frog on the job all day! Better yet, the manufacture guarantees that their product wont drip no matter how much you sweat.

These pleasantly scented, non greasy lotions and creams are perfect for kids. No squirming and squealing because the lotion smells yucky. No fighting with them to stand still.

Its also great for adults who dont want to have a greasy residue on their skin. Very important if you work outside and dont want to jeopardize youre safely with slippery oily skin.

This line produces an SPF ranging from 15 to 45. This product line doesnt cater for those people looking for a dark tan, but it does cater to those looking to protect their skin from burning and damage. Its also a great product choice for those that burn easily.

If you or your children are out in the sun all day, give this line of sunscreens a try! It will stay on the kids while the run and play, and it will stay on you while you work. Stracener from Home Tanning Beds has been serving customers for over 20 years, providing valuable information to keep you beautiful and healthy. Please visit us at Home Tanning Beds.

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