Monday, 13 January 2014

Personal Commitment

Personal Commitment

Did you know that we are more likely to not break a commitment we make to others than a commitment we make to ourselves. This may feel like an uncomfortable truth but it is how we seem to be wired. We believe that we have to put others first and otherwise we may be seen as selfish and unkind. If you are anything like I used to think and sometimes find myself falling back to this, you can think that those who put themselves first appear quite hard and selfish so we continue to feed the illusion that making and keeping a personal commitment is not important.

Let us look at it another way every time you make a commitment to yourself and you break it, what message do you think you are sending to the Universe? Are you saying that you matter? Or are you saying that you do not matter? Personal commitment is a cog in the alignment process and if you really want to start living authentically and become clearer at manifesting and creating your own reality no cog can be left to spin either out of control or to not spin at all. Next time you feel yourself thinking somebody is selfish, perhaps think about what are they reflecting back to you. Is it because you are so the other way you are putting everybody else first so it stops you taking any personal blissful steps in your life? This classic scenario of putting others first is simply a delay tactic and a form of self sabotage as we think it gives a valid and just reason for not living our dream.

There are so many examples I can think of in my own life where I have made a personal commitment and then allowed myself to shove it to the back of a pile or worse still end up on a rubbish garbage heap. Commitment to diet, exercise, meditation, things I wanted to achieve, complete etc. Sometimes I felt bad but mostly I did not give it a second thought as I believed that doing something for someone else somehow made me a better person surely the Universe would look more favourably at me as I was altruistic and generous with my time. This is not true what you send out you receive back so by saying everyone else or everything else is more important that the commitment you make to yourself, you will attract more of that into your life. You will find that you attract people who are not prepared to stick to commitments with you whether personally or in a business sense the Universe will mirror the beliefs, behaviours and patterns that you nurture. It will not matter how much you wish it to be different you cannot change your external world until you change your inner world your inner beliefs, behaviours, patterns, attitudes and such like.

To start changing this pattern and to transform your outer experience, you simply need to start to become aware of your personal commitments and keep them! It reads as if it is simple and it is, but you have to persevere.

A new step that I have introduced in my life so I keep my promises to myself is daily sometimes the evening before I write down the things I wish to achieve or ensure happen on the day. An example for today was:

1. Write, edit and finalise newsletter.2. Eat and drink lightly including 1 green juice in the day.3. Work on Heaven on Earth event.4. Contact 2 colleagues5. Prepare my shopping list

I also add treats into my day like:

6. Read my book7. Have a bath8. Go for a walk9. Visit friend in the evening

This may seem very elementary but what this does for me is a focus me on what I have chosen to achieve/experience and b sets out my intentions for the day to the Universe. I, like you have a good thing going with the Universe and I like to be very clear about what I am doing so the Universe can support me, like it does!

Things will get in the way sometimes things are sent to test us and sometimes things just happen where we have to be able to be flexible without being selfsacrificing. Sacrifice is not just an action, it is an attitude and belief also. The magic I have found when things do genuinely get in the way, I still manage to achieve everything I set out to do as if time somehow bends for me. Whether it is this or the magnificent power of the Universe probably a bit of both, I am always grateful at the end of the day. I always start with gratitude for myself and this seems to top off the personal commitment journey for that day.

5step plan to help you keep your personal commitments:

1. Be clear about what you are committing to yourself and commit to doing something for you everyday.2. Make a daily commitment schedule for yourself.3. Accept that things will come in between you and your commitments you need to learn flexibility and trust. Does the interference feel right?4. Be grateful for all that you achieve.5. Ask for help tell others and the Universe what you are doing you dont have to do this alone.

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