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Medical Cannabis for Kidney Stones

Medical Cannabis for Kidney Stones

What is kidney stone or renal calculus?

In simple terms, renal calculus is a condition which consists of collective crystals of small amount of proteins and glycoprotein, which might harm the kidneys. Renal Calculas are one of the health conditions which cause extreme pain, in some cases nausea as well. Kidney stones might occur occasionally for some people and for some it will be chronic nephrolith, which is known as nephorlithiasis. Their genesis is very poorly understood till date. Though not exactly known, there are some factors which might cause renal calculus; it is always good to know, why it is caused, so that it will easy to get the best and proper treatment for the same. Following are some of the reasons why one gets renal calculus:

Persistent urinary tract infectionIt is safe, if you watch out on all the above factors and take care to keep all this away. If you are already a victim of this condition, make sure you take proper treatment to get rid of it immediately. You can either go for alopathy or homeopathy or any such sort of treatment, provided it gets cleared and cured completely.

There are medical professionals who prescribe medical cannabis, rather than the usual conventional type of medication. Conventional treatments which are administered in high doses leads to several side effects and adverse effects.

Medical Marijuana for Kidney Stones

When a person has nephrolith, he gets acute pain which is isolated to his lower back on the side of the affected kidney. Medical cannabis has loads of medicinal properties that can help relieve the pain. Marijuana also has properties proven to be effective at fighting nausea.

This medication, that is administration of medical marijuana, effectively works on the nephrolith patient without any side effects.

For those who dont want to go over the regular treatment, you have loads of other natural options to treat urinary calculus. You can try the simple home remedies, if you cant dissolve the stone with just food changes or other food supplements, its better you go for the general treatment prescribed for it. By and large, results are quicker if the stones are less than 5 mm in size.

Other Treatments for Urinary Calculus

Some of the home remedies to treat these calculus, include, 1tbsp of each: pomegranate paste and horse gram paste, added to 1 glass of water. Drink this thrice a day, urinary calculus get dissolved and might come out during urination. The no of days taken for this to happen depends on the size and the density of the stone present.

However, since nephrolith have several types depending on the crystals that contribute to its development, pomegranate juice can intensify stone formation in some people. Urinary calculus treatment does not work with pomegranate if the patient has calcium stones.

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