Saturday, 18 January 2014

javascript nightmare

javascript nightmare

A client has asked me to do the design for a site that he has paid someone else to do the backend for. I have a lot of these kind of requests I suppose due to the fact that some programmers dont have an eye for design. Usually there is no problem. I supply xhtml templates with external css and the programmer applies his code to it everyone is happy.

This time around, however, the programmer has done the whole site in a program called Alpha Five which outputs xbasic, javascript and the most invalid html I have ever come across! Before I even started, a warning bell rang in my mind because the programmer said I must not supply any css because css generated by other programs are not compatible with his.? Have you ever heard of anythig so ludicrous?! I said to him that I dont use a program to generate the css up until recently I didnt even know that was possible as I handcode the css. Then more recently he has said that I must redo the templates as table based layouts because the divs are wreaking havoc with his programming.

What I suspect is that the programmer knows Alpha Five very well, but doesnt actually know the code that it outputs otherwise he would be able to integrate the designs and code without problems.

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